Yoga Via Skype

yoga via skype

Have you ever tried doing the at home Yoga videos and had questions you really wanted to ask? Weren’t sure if you were doing the poses right or not, because you couldn’t communicate with your teacher?  How frusterating!  Or perhaps you are feeling intimidated about going to a Yoga class for the first time because you are worried about not having a clue what you are doing?

Well, have no more fear- Yoga Via Skype is here!

Practise Yoga in the comfort of your own home, with a trained, competant teacher who you can stop at any time to ask questions! Feel comfortable and confident doing the poses that were once confusing, and take your experience of Yoga to the next level.  Yoga sessions will be tailored to each persons’ specific needs and goals. See the tab on Private Yoga Lessonsfor fees and to learn more about the variety of Yoga instruction available. Yoga Therapy and Trauma- Sensitive Yoga are also available via Skype.

To set up your skype session today please call:(519) 362-7919, e-mail: or click the ‘book online’  tab on the main webpage and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Private Yoga Lesson/Yoga Therapy button.