Trauma- Sensitive Yoga

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An essential aspect of recovering from trauma is learning ways to calm oneself, or self-regulate. For thousands of years, Yoga has been offered as a practice that helps one to relax the mind and body. More recently, research has shown that Yoga practices; including relaxation, physical postures and meditation can reduce autonomic sympathetic activation, muscle tension, and blood pressure, improve neuroendocrine and hormonal activity, decrease physical symptoms and emotional distress, and increase quality of life. For these reasons, Yoga is a promising treatment or adjunctive therapy for addressing the cognitive, emotional, and physiological symptoms associated with trauma, and PTSD specifically.

Emerson, Sharma, Chaudhry & Turner (2009, p. 124)

Private Yoga Sessions:

As a certified Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher, I offer one-on-one Yoga sessions to help clients’ develop mental and emotional self-regulation. With the use of relaxation techniques, postures, breathing and meditation, clients’ will learn the tools to self-regulate during stressful times. The first session is approximately 1.5 hours in length and subsequent sessions are 1 hour. Sessions will cover variety of ways in which Yoga can be applied as a complementary trauma treatment,  tailored to clients’ specific needs and goals. Skills are drawn from various trauma- specific therapy modalities and Yoga Therapy, with an emphasis on Somatic Experiencing and mindfulness practices.

Examples of topics that may be covered in a Yoga session are:

  • Practicing Yoga in a safe and private space
  • Recommendation for how to design or modify a Yoga program to address personal triggers, challenges, and physical limitations
  • Introductory psychoeducation about trauma and the body and ways in which Yoga can help


Initial Consultation/Session: $75- 1.5 hour

Subsequent Sessions: $75- 1 hour


For more information about Trauma Sensitive Yoga:

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