“Jessica is an authentic, intuitive healer, and has learned her lessons well in Ayurvedic massage. You can sense that she is connected with the quality of sattva (goodness) and the Divine, as she works to put you back into a balanced state . It comes naturally to her. I feel much, much more balanced. No headache, no sinus congestion. Her massage which I later followed with a hot shower, gave me the best sleep Ive had in months, and helped me get rid of a lot of the stress of accumulated Vata . Thank you very much Jessica for this most wonderful gift of healing that you share. “

-Glenn Powell (Gaura Das)

“Jessica’s gentle and sensitive nature, along with her devotion to the depth of love in this ancient tradition translates so beautifully into her practice. An Indian Head Massage does wonders for feeling soothed, pampered and totally relaxed. I highly recommend booking a session with Jessica.”

-Heather Embree, Intuitive Energy Healer

“Dear Jessica, your Ayurvedic massage was an amazing experience. The enthusiasm and commitment you show for your practice is fantastic, I felt as though you were in as deep a meditative state as you allowed me to enter. During the massage I had an incredible release of tension, stress and pent up emotion that I never could have imagined. The release of emotional pain from specific past experience surprised me. For days I could feel the energetic pathways you opened with your hands. I felt energized and cleansed afterwards and now feel stronger in my core.  I also became intensely aware of the solar plexus and have since experienced it’s awakening. Thank you again for such a wonderful gift. I would highly recommend your service to anyone.”

-Tom H.

“Jessica is a wonderful yoga instructor! She is so attentive to the students and so thorough in her instructions that for the first time I felt like I was really learning yoga! She takes care to teach to the level of her students and is very patient with her students and where they are in their practice. As an ayurvedic head masseuse she is very gentle and kind, assuring that you are comfortable and relaxed. I can’t wait until my next class or massage with Jessica!”

– Julianna Van Adrichem

“Jessica’s massage room was warm, beautiful, and filled with sunlight.  I felt comfortable there.  The massage was absolutely wonderful.  She asked me prior to beginning, what kind of touch and pace that I preferred and she stuck closely to what I had told her.  Her hands were very warm, caring, and careful, and my attention went deep in to my own thoughts while my body was in pure relaxation and bliss.  It was a great experience that left me deeply relaxed and at peace for the whole day afterwards. I would recommend Jessica’s Ayurvedic massage to anybody looking for professional massage services.”

-Ben Reeve