Private Yoga Lessons

Private Sessions are a great way to deepen and explore the possibilities of expanding your Yoga practice and also to learn proper technique/alignment if you are just starting out. Private sessions are guided by the needs and interests of the person presented before me. Whether you are curious to explore the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual layers of your being, I am here as a guide to support your re-awakening to your natural state that always is, always was. Whether I can support you by re-introducing you to your real teacher, your intelligent body or helping to deepen your current practice (or both), it will be my honour to guide you through this transformational journey. In my private sessions I offer the appropriate application of various tools/technigues used in Yoga Therapy, tailored to each unique individual. This may include Asana (posture) instructions, Pranayama (breath work), Guided Meditations, Introduction to Indian Philosophy, Chanting Practice (vocal toning) Visualizations, Chakra work (unblocking stuck energy) and Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) felicia private yoga session
Photo of: Felicia Pavlovic doing a Private Yoga Therapy Session at Yoga Therapy Toronto


1 Hour - Private Yoga Lesson/Yoga Therapy                            $75

1 Hour - Semi- Private: Couples/ Partner Yoga                    $80

1 Hour - Family/Friends Yoga (3)                                    $90


Late Arrivals/Cancellation Policy


Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment, by either phone (519) 362- 7919. (Please NO texts) OR e-mail:, otherwise the full fee for the lesson will apply. For arrivals 20 minutes late, the lesson will be considered cancelled for that day, with a rescheduling for another day OR we can proceed with the lesson for the time that remains at full price. No calls/no shows will not be re-scheduled.