Ayurvedic Full Body Treatment

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine system (approx. 5, 000 years old) that emphasizes treating the whole body as a system. In Sanskrit, Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge. Ayurveda is the oldest system of holistic healing and the source to nearly all of them. Just as the universe and our Earth are comprised of the 5 elements (Air, Ether, Fire, Water, Earth) so are we. In Ayurveda, the 5 elements interplay to make up the 3 doshas, otherwise known as your predominant body/mind constitution. The Indian Head Massage and Full Body treatment helps to balance the doshas. Click here to learn more about your dosha. http://ayurvedictouch.com/the-dosha-quiz/

Ayurveda recognizes that maintaining balance of the elements in the body and mind is essential for optimal health and the process of finding that balance begins with self-awareness.


The Ayurvedic whole body treatment (Abhyanga) correlates to the generic Swedish massage treatment. Abhyanga is also called the pearl of the Ayurvedic massages and considered to be the most effective treatment.  The Abhyanga is a tool of silent dialogue between body, mind and soul.

It has been said that Abhyanga

–> Decreases the fatigue and invigorates the body

–> Cleans and tightens the tissue

–> Increases muscle tone and physical strength

–> Reduces muscle and joint pain, making the joints supple

–> Improves blood circulation, creating a sensation of lightness in the body

–>Cleans the skin and improves the overall complexion

–> Tonifies the nervous system

–> Improves vision

–> Improves perception

–> Improves sleep and combats insomnia

–> Increases protection against wounds and injuries

–> Slows down ageing, rejuvenating aged tissues

–> Relaxes and regenerates

–> Harmonizes and vitalizes the body’s energy, thereby reducing stress


*Certification from Andrea Olivera Centre for Ayurveda Rituals, Toronto, ON.


$90 for a 1 Hour & 15 minutes Full Body Massage

$125 for 1.5 Hour- includes Indian Head Massage (please read ‘initial screening’ tab next to Indian Head Massage on the main menu for more info)

A few things to know about the Ayurvedic Treatment

  • For Indian Head Massage– On the day of your appointment if you are experiencing a severe headache/migraine then it is best to reschedule for another day. Because I am using oils your hair and skin will be oily/ greasy afterwards. You may wish to set time aside afterwards to go home and shower after your treatment or bring a hat or scarf with you to cover your hair. We can always omit the use of oils if need be.
  • Please wear older clothes as its possible that oils may get on your clothing.


Late Arrivals/Cancellation Policy

Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment,

by either phone: (519) 265- 8035

or e-mail: info@naturalchoicemedicalclinic.ca, otherwise the full fee for the session will apply.