The Search for the Eternal Longing

I saw this quote on Facebook and just had to share it!

“The restlessness in the human heart will never be finally stilled by any person, project, or place. The longing is eternal. This is what constantly qualifies and enlarges our circles of belonging. There is a constant and vital tension between longing and belonging. Without the shelter of belonging , our longings would lack direction, focus, and context; they would be aimless and haunted, constantly tugging the heart in a myriad of opposing directions…Belonging without longing would be empty and dead, a cold frame around emptiness…There is something within you that no one or nothing else in the world is able to meet or satisfy. When you recognize that such unease is natural, it will free you from from getting on the treadmill of chasing ever more temporary and partial satisfactions. This eternal longing will always insist on some door remaining open somewhere in all the shelters where you belong…it will intensify your journey but also liberates you from the need to go on many seductive but futile quests.” -John O’Donohue, Eternal Echoes -Originally Posted, December 30th, 2014.
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