Fall Specials!!!

                                   FALL SPECIALS!

Option 1- One Hour Indian Head Massage

Using a base oil, aromatic scalp formula and essential oil, the massage starts with the upper arms, shoulders, upper chest, neck, upper and lower back, (we could stop right here and you’d be in heaven, but there’s still more) …the forehead, temples, entire scalp and face. Leave feeling deeply relaxed, restored, grounded and uplifted in mind and body. *Includes Back Massage*

OPTION 2- One Hour Yoga Body Alignment

'Yoga Body Alignment' incorporates techniques of the Ayurvedic whole body massage with principles of: Yoga- breathing, meditation/visualization and subtle, gentle body alignments/adjustments (rocking, stretching). Marma therapy (acupressure points) on head, face, neck/shoulders and back. Aromatherapy. Sound/Vibrational Healing. 'Yoga Body Alignment' is a tool of silent dialogue between body, mind and soul. Leave feeling balanced, clear- minded and completely rejuvenated. *Includes the use of oil.
Please go to: http://journeytowholeness.simplybook.me/sheduler/manage/ to book online today!
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