How do Yoga and Massage go together?

How do Yoga and Massage go together?

Yoga IS to slow the whirling fluctuations of the mind.

Many of the same benefits you receive from Yoga, you can receive from Massage and vice versa. And here’s the great news, it doesn’t matter if you are flexible or not.

One of the key components that makes massage so relaxing is the time and space to be still; to come back to the present moment. In essence, this IS Yoga – focusing the mind on a single object (the breath in this case) and sustaining that focus without distraction. (More on other examples of objects of meditation that you can use, in a later article) In ‘Yoga inspired Massage’ we turn our attention to the breath as our anchor to have the same effect. 

In addition to turning one’s attention to the breathing during massage and focusing on sensations- simple, yet effective assisted and active yoga stretches are incorporated during and after the massage to enhance the benefits of the hands on tissue work. 

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