On being | overwhelmed

On being | overwhelmed

A stressful situation can hit at any moment, out of the blue, and can escalate quickly without warning.

What can you do when the heat of the moment has taken over? How do you react when you are experiencing strong emotions such as fear, anxiety? Is it even possible to turn it around? Maybe you already have a tool or technique that you use that has been successful for you and that’s great!

But what if kicking and screaming is about the only reaction accessible to you at the time? Which is not bad if that’s how you feel – just get it out. Better to express ‘yo self and release it, then to keep it bottled up.

But what if there is another way to resolve the issue and move through the thick fog of emotions, would you consider the alternative?

A technique that I have used many a time is known by the acronym, RAIN. It is simple in its recall, but its application is one that must be practised again and again (like Yoga) – but the pay off is well worth it, I assure you. It takes a brave soul to make the journey inward…

RAIN is taken from the tradition of Kriya Yoga – the practise of internal action. It helps one to stand in the fire of their own emotions; to burn up the impurities of one’s past experiences, habit patterns and most of all the conditioning that happens as a result. Maybe it could work for you? But, don’t take my word for any of this – try it for yourself and see if it works for you (or not).

RECOGNIZE – Recognize what’s happening right now. Recognize that yes, I am having an uncomfortable experience (whether you can name it or not, does not matter).

ACCEPT – Accept that yes, I am having this experience – an uncomfortable one (whether you name it or not, still does not matter). Accept that yes, I am somewhere in the fear body at this moment without trying to change anything. Just accepting and acknowledging that yes, this feeling and moment, too, shall pass.

INVESTIGATE – Investigate further if you haven’t recognized or accepted what you are feeling or experiencing. Investigate what this fear might be about?

NON – ATTACHMENT – Create a non- attachment to it. Try not to attach yourself to the concept of “I” as having the experience. According to Yogic Philosophy, there is no permanent sense of self that remains solidified indefinately. We are constantly changing; evolving. This falls in line with the law of impermanence with governs our very existance. Thoughts are just the same– impermanent, and so must come and go; arise and fall. Our thoughts do not make up who we are!

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