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Jessica Sgrignoli

B.A Psychology, Certified Yoga Teacher

Specializing in Yoga Therapy & Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapies



“I support female helping professionals who are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, physically depleted and may be experiencing chronic pain. Through my services, I teach clients relaxation techniques and how to get to the root cause of discomfort to restore mental, emotional, physical and spiritual equilibrium.”


Journey to Wholeness for Helping Professionals Program

– integrating Yoga and Ayurveda Body Therapy to address the unique needs of each client.

As a result, clients:

*experience physical, mental and emotional pain relief;

*feel nourished, restored and rejuvenated;

*discover embodied feelings of self- acceptance;

*are more calm, present and effective at work;

*cultivate contentment with their work and their lives; and

*develop a deeper understanding of themselves


To find out if this program is a right fit for you:

Please call: (519) 362- 7919, e-mail: jess@journeytowholeness.ca

OR Sign up for a FREE 30-Minute Consultation:

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Also includes:

  • An Introduction to the Art and Science of Ayurveda (4 Pillars of Health)
  • Identifying 1 key area of challenge and receive a few key recommendations on how to apply Yoga and lifestyle modifications to address this challenge

Overall Benefits

  • Gaining insight into knowing your mind and body constitution, according to Ayurveda, and how this affects your physical body, energy levels, mental and emotional equilibrium and ability to manage stress.